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Archtiectural Services

The range of our works extends from large scale area masterplans, through significant fast-track retail projects, and intricate conservation work, to small infill city projects. We place emphasis on the importance of interior design and its integration in the overall design process. This emphasis has extended into furniture design, client corporate identity and graphic design.

Our work is undertaken in active collaboration with our Clients, Design Team colleagues, Contractors and Specialist Sub-contractors. We place importance on the establishment of a good brief and value the input of Clients and end users.

We work in open plan studios in Dublin, Limerick and London to facilitate communication, team working and the interactive development of ideas. Work is undertaken in teams led by a Project Director/Associate who have hands on responsibility for delivery of the project. Projects are carried out within the support structures of our Quality Management System which is independently audited by the National Standards Authority of Ireland I.S. EN ISO 9001:2000. We seek continuous improvement in our system as a Practice objective. We place an increasing emphasis on sustainable, and accessible design solutions.

Building Energy Rating Certificate

Building Energy Rating

A Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate is an energy label for Buildings (similar to an energy label in electrical appliances) with a scale from A to G. A-rated homes are most energy efficient and G-rated, the least efficient.

The Certificate details the building’s energy usage and carbon emissions based on heat loss through the building fabric (floors, walls, roof, door and windows) as well as energy required for ventilation, space heating, water heating and lighting.

Since 1st January 2009, a BER Certificate is required for all dwellings being sold or rented in Ireland.

Newenham Mulligan & Associates are registered with SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland) as BER assessors for both new and existing dwellings and provide the following additional services –

• Provisional Building Energy Rating Certificate for new dwellings (valid for 2 years)

• Building Energy Rating Certificate for both new and existing dwellings (valid for 10 years)

• Improvement Reports for existing and new dwellings

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