Tron Legacy Dream Pad

October 2010
Tron Legacy Dream Pad

Exhibition Design: NMA Architects design Tron Legacy Dream Pad for Toys 4 Big Boys Show.

The toys 4 big boys dream pad project was to create the ultimate bachelor pad with itís theme from Tron Legacy film. The Legacy Dream Pad uses cinematic references in an abstract way with references to materials, form, colour & light from the Tron environment. Whether it is the large scale graffiti stencil of tronís leading lady Olivia Wilde, the futuristic custom designed furniture of the lounge area or the Ducati 1000 all paying reference to the Tron Legacy movie.

The brief was to create something that would provide a unique space yet be simple from the point of modular exhibition construction. The concept turned the previous format inside out and created a radial circulation, using the simplicity of straight walls yet forming a dynamic shape.

Toys 4 Big Boys, November 11th-14th RDS Dublin & Cork ARC Arena November 19th-21st 2010.

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